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CutMat III

The CutMat MKIII computerised mount cutter provides mount cutting artists with a budget priced, accurate, cutter that will give a repetitive and consistent quality mount in either single, step and repeat, or nested format.

A single dual cutting head can provide a true 45 degree bevel cut, vee cut, and vertical cut (90 degree). The mount can also be cut both face up or face down.

Machine Specification

A floor or wall mounted flat bed computerised mount board cutting machine, with vacuum table mount board holding.

Cutting Area

  • 1m x 1.5m. (Jumbo mount board)
  • With vacuum board mounting. (Vacuum pump supplied)
  • Maximum cut board thickness 5mm.
  • Cutting Speed

  • 600mm/sec (24/sec)
  • 3 Axis Drive

  • Micro step stepper motor system
  • Control PC (Supplied as standard)

  • Dell standard PC with CD Rom drive
  • Windows XP operating system
  • 17″ CRT Screen
  • Integrated with computer base unit is AMCE 3 Axis stepper motor control system
  • AMCE controlled by Win AMC GU1 package with operator interface
  • Machine service requirements

  • Electrical supply ( 1 off 13 AMP 250 VAC single phase socket
  • Pneumatic supply Minimum 6 bar (90 PSI)
    (A standalone mini compressor can be supplied as an optional extra)
  • Machine Dimensions

  • Floor mounted (L 2000mm W 1300mm H 1000mm)
  • Wall mounted (L 2000mm H 1300mm D 400mm from wall)
  • Foot print 1700mm x 1200mm
  • Working table height 850mm
  • Machine Weight 100 KG approx

    Additional purchase options include lease purchase or rental.